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Made for Humans

Made for Humans

Something wonderful and sensational happens to your body and mind when your arms are bolstered at a 15 degree incline.

  • Tension and stress in your neck, shoulders and back are relieved.
  • The blood flow in your hands and arms returns to your core.
  • You feel more relaxed, focused and your mind is quiet.
  • You can focus on your game instead of your posture.

The Glomtom consists of supportive yet soft foam completely covered by delicate microfiber which feels warm and comfortable to your skin, yet easy to clean and maintain. The GlomTom is robust enough to keep its shape and support your upper body, yet will provide the same quality of comfort day after day of use. The Glomtom is also well suited for providing amazing comfort while using tablets, laptops and reading books!

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