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Glomtom to attend Vainglory Autumn Finals! Santa Ana, CA DEC 4-6

By Clifton Chambliss
Posted in News, on November 18, 2015

November 18th 2015

Glomtom International LLC will attend the Vainglory North American finals in Santa Ana, CA on December 4th through the 6th. During the course of the weekend Esports tournament, both spectators and participants will have a chance to try the Glomtom and make purchases while being able to visit with Glomtom staff. 

Glomtom has a robust Twitch stream team that includes many who are top Vainglory players and personalities in the community. The Glomtom is a crucial part of an ergonomic set up for Vainglory pros. Players can relieve tension and stress on their neck, back and shoulders while using both hands for the frantic touch screen activity required by Vainglory. This is accomplished by setting their arms and tablet to rest on the Glomtom.

Vainglory was developed by Super Evil Megacorp and is the most popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) on tablets and smartphones, with over 1 million unique viewers a month on their Twitch channel and is the top downloaded app in China. Notable sponsors of this major event are Amazon and Nvidia. 

Tickets to attend this event can be purchased online for 10% off by clicking the Vainglory banner at the top of this page. 








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