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Gamer of the Month May 2015: Muddy Gaming

By Clifton Chambliss
Posted in News, on June 02, 2015



Many believe that to become a streamer, you simply open a Twitch account and start messing around with broadcasting stuff. For many people who raise their hand and sign up to stream, this is the "neutral" they get stuck in. They soon realize that it takes hard work, creativity and many resources, time and money to build a channel up and start to attract followers.


Kyle, the man behind "Muddy Gaming" understands this more than anyone. He has worked hard in both developing his own brand, networking with other streamers in order to learn the ins and outs of streaming and partnering with companies like our to help develop our brand. Kyle is a great advocate, a hard worker and continues to delight us with his determination and presence. It is not uncommon to see hundreds of viewers at once in his channel. This is why Kyle "Muddy Unders"is our Gamer of the Month!


Tell us about yourself.


Name is Kyle. Have been gaming since the Atari 2600 days. Gaming has always been a huge part of my life, so about 14 months ago I decided to start up broadcasting on Twitch. What started out as a project, has evolved into a passion.


How long have you been streaming on Twitch? How and why did you decide to start streaming?


I started streaming on Twitch as just a fun project to see if I could do it. As a tech junky I loved the setup of the video, audio and the continual tweaking to get the best possible viewing experience for my viewers. Since then streaming has become a HUGE part of my life. I have met the most amazing people on twitch. The generosity and support my evolving community has shown me is not something I have ever seen. Each day I start the stream up, seeing the new and veteran viewers in the chat really makes my day, and makes streaming I would love to do forever.


What are you playing now? What are your favorite platforms?


Right now we are streaming primarily The Elder Scrolls Skyrim on PC. We are consistently one of the highest viewed Skyrim streams on twitch. We do specific play through types, test and discuss new mod's and have a great time exploring the game in all ways. We also stream multiplayer games like GTA and others, as well as many simulation and city building games. Cities Skylines and SimCity are also great games for our channel. 


What games or tech do you look forward to?


I am looking forward to a few titles in the future. I have the Witcher 3 but have not streamed it yet. The new Batman I am very excited about, as well as the new American Truck Simulator slated to release at the end of the summer. That being said, Skyrim will ALWAYS be our core game for the foreseeable future. I am also looking at starting a horror week in October and to start sprinkling in Indie games as well.


Which game(s) are a guilty pleasure?


I wouldn't say I have one game as a guilty pleasure, but we have a blast playing EuroTruck Simulator 2 in the channel. We turn on song requests, I don my flannel shirt and truck across Europe!


Do you game full time? What else are you working on?


Currently I am not a full time streamer. I work M-F at a full time job. I stream about 5 hours per day during the week, then 10-15 hours per day on the weekend. I am working on building and rebuilding a website focused on community and in stream point tracking. That's all I can say about that, the rest is top secret until launch :) 


What is your greatest gaming accomplishment? 


I would not point to one thing as a gaming accomplishment. My stream and community is probably something I am most proud of, as well as my ongoing partnerships associated with the channel. When the time comes I get partnered on Twitch, that would definitely be a dream come true. But I know that is only the beginning. Healthy growth would be my priority and it should never stop


When did you get into gaming? Which Game drew you in? 


I have been gaming since the old arcade days. I used to steal quarters from my parents coffee can in their bedroom and sneak off to the mini golf course a few blocks from my house. I can remember playing Punch Out, Kung Fu, Centipede and more. My friends and I were so into arcade games back then, we actually tried to save all of our allowances and pool them together to try and buy a full 4 player Gauntlet cabinet game. Needless to say, that lasted for about a week, but we still made trips to the local pizza place to dump quarters. 


You have been growing fast over the last couple months, what do you attribute to your growing success?? What are some of the challenges about running a Twitch Channel? Has there been a low point?


Because of the way twitch list streams, having numbers and growing a channel is EXTREMELY difficult if you start from nothing. It has been a tough but fun ride over this last year or so. Typically growth on Twitch, once it gets to a certain level, will no longer be linear. Once you can get to certain numbers and over plateaus, it can turn to exponential, within reason. To be perfectly honest, the latest growth has been related to the consistent streaming of Skyrim. The modding and gaming community around this game is huge and people just love to watch it. That being said, when I first set up my channel, I had growth in mind in order to support it if/when it does actually happen. While this has been a great few months, its only the start!


You are very focused on your following-how did you come up with your channel name? What have you learned from your following? Where can people go to learn more about you? 


My community is everything to me. I will do everything and anything to nurture, support and protect it. I have learned so much over my time streaming. I have had many successes, but also many failures. Many times an idea sounds good on paper, but when implemented is a complete flop. Things like this make you as a streamer. Learning the tech, learning what games to play, as well as the timing is all part of making your bones on twitch. This is something that only comes with time and A LOT of effort. 


My twitch name started out as kind of a joke. Basically it revolved around a football game overseas in Japan when I was in the Navy. It was a muddy field, and I was tackled in a puddle of mud and mud got pretty much everywhere (lots of mud in this sentence). Thus, MuddyUnders was born. Was a nickname for many years after.


The best place to learn more about me is either by joining the stream or on my Patreon page, which includes much of my stream info, goals, achievements and more!


Special thanks to Kyle for taking the time to tell his story. We are certain he will be partnered with Twitch soon! We hope you enjoyed reading about our "Gamer of the Month!" If you or someone you know would like to be featured here, email us!  






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