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Gamer of the Month April 2015: "Ladies Awakening"

By Clifton Chambliss
Posted in News, on April 25, 2015


We missed our gamer of the month in March due to our crazy travel schedule. However, we are back to honor our April Gamer of the month! 

Chris AKA "Ladies Awakening" is a fast rising new personality in the Twitch scene. She came out of nowhere just over a couple months ago and has amassed an army of followers exceeding one thousand and growing in just weeks. What gets our attention is how dedicated she is to her fans and how hard she works to entertain and include her followers in her streams. She excels at creating a high level of loyalty and engagement and has a professional set up which includes everything a good streamer has: polished overlays, top of the line equipment, giveaways, crazy antics and her own brand that sets her apart from other streamers. As you will read, Chris works very hard and puts in 110% in for her followers and community despite having a very busy life schedule.

Tell us about yourself. 

My name is Chris. Live in MN, from Puerto Rico. I come from a big family. I have three sisters and one brother. I am pretty close to my family. I speak fluent Spanish and English. I am going to college to be a Nurse. I work 2 jobs, and tutor as well. I am a huge Star Wars and anime fan. I love reading books. I can go through a good book in a day or two depending on how big it is. I work very hard, and when I set my mind on something I do it.

How long have you been streaming on Twitch? How and why did you decide to start streaming?

I have currently been streaming for 3 months and 2 weeks. I decided that I wanted to start streaming in the summer, and have started working towards getting the stuff needed to have a quality stream.

I have always been a gamer, my passion is anything to do with gaming. One day I was sitting there watching a YouTube vid of a woman my age having fun gaming, talking about all the stuff that she loves, and I scratched at my head and was like “why can’t I express myself this way and be comfortable with sharing this part of me?” I wanted to make change, and change takes action. At first I started off slow, joining groups to game, and going to LANS. My streaming career became a reality when I bought the first piece of equipment to make it happen. After that, I let the chips fall where they may.

I watched people’s streams for months, from popular ones, to streams that did not have anyone watching them. I studied what made a good streamer, what I thought was good and what I thought was bad. That’s when I decided what streamer I was going to be. I work very hard for my stream. I stream long hours, multiple times a week, I go to forums, I talk with anyone and everyone on twitter, and I joined a gaming community. I want people to feel like they fit in my stream. I will talk to anyone that comes in and welcome them into my “Ewok Squad” with open arms. I want my stream to be somewhere people come to talk about games, comics, movies, consoles, anything really. I want to create an environment where people feel like they can be themselves.

What are you playing now? 

Anything! I do not stick to one game because I love games so much. I do not want to limit myself to one game. I do have a favorite game, and have played it multiple times. But I love the diversity that playing different games, on different consoles brings to my stream. It changes daily! I play anything ranging from first person shooters to RPG’s. Games I do play at least once a day are: Call of Duty, Destiny, Mortal Kombat X, and Halo: Master Chief Collection. I also play PC games as well!

What games or tech do you look forward to?

I love fall not only because of the amazing weather, but I love it because there a lot of games that come out! I am looking forward to Star Wars Battlefront 3, Black Ops 3, Halo 5, Elder Scrolls Online, the list goes on! I am hoping that they are going to announcing a new Fallout this year in E3! As far as technology wise, I am excited to see where they take Oculus Rift, and the Razer OSVR. I would love to play a horror game with that on!

Which game(s) are a guilty pleasure?

When I am in the mood to play something simple and fun, I sometimes rent games that are from Cartoon movies. I enjoyed playing the Shrek games, and SpongeBob games. They are just so silly, and sometimes are more fun to watch the cut scenes than the actual movie.

Do you game full time? What else are you working on?

I stream 5-6 days a week, 6-10 hours. So currently I do stream full time, and I am lucky to have such amazing supporters. I also game solo in the morning if I have time to unwind. Most of the time they are solo RPG games. While I stream I like to play with as many of my followers, so I hardly play RPG’s that I can’t have co-op. I am also going to school for nursing, I volunteer as a tutor for science classes, and have 2 other jobs. I am a busy person, but I love staying busy! I am also currently working on trying to figure out video editors to start working on my YouTube channel some more.

What is your greatest gaming accomplishment?

Video games, and streaming has broken me out of my shell. I feel more comfortable in my own skin, and have embraced myself fully. I have only been streaming for three months, but they have been the best three months! I have met so many people from all over, and have developed good friendships with people. To me, that’s a big accomplishment. I am working very hard to get my stream out there, and work towards being partnered. After that I am going to strive towards working with companies. I want to go to cons, and meet more people.

When did you get into gaming? Which game drew you in?

I have been gaming ever since I can remember. I remember playing Street Fighter on the SNES, and playing Sonic on the Sega Genesis. I remember playing with the Atari. From there it just kicked off to a bunch of different games, and consoles. I played anything that I could get my hands on! To this day, I still do. I try to get different consoles, and I currently carry my 3DS in my purse!

You have been growing fast over the last couple months, what do you attribute to your growing success?? What are some of the challenges about running a Twitch Channel? Has there been a low point?

I stream as much and as often I can. It is important to me that I create a base support system. When I started streaming, I literally only had my dad in the stream! He knows nothing about games, but I asked him to support me, and sit in the stream. I asked family and friends, everyone I knew to make an account on twitch and watch me at least once a week. I think everyone when first starting has low points. Sometimes I do not get as many follows as I would hope, and it sucks! It takes drive, and dedication to start streaming. Being that I am a woman that streams, it is a given that I will have trolls. It would be amazing to have everyone that comes into my stream to be super nice and want to be there for the game play and to hang out. But in reality, there will be trolls, and that’s where awesome mods come in. I have the most amazing mods I could have ever hoped for. They help me so much, they are supporters, they get the chat going, and they are my guards at times. Having good mods is key. I try to be as friendly as possible to people. I greet everyone that comes into my stream, and I look at my chat often. I answer all the questions people ask me, and I talk a lot. If the chat is not active, then I talk to myself. I think out loud because if someone new comes into my room, and I am talking, I hope that they would feel more comfortable with talking to me. Being connected to my chat, getting to know my followers is key. I talk to them a lot outside of streaming, and ask for their opinions, and ideas on what to do in my stream. They are the ones sitting there watching me, I feel it is important for them to have a voice in my stream.

You are very focused on your following, how did you come to name them Ewoks? Where can people go to learn more about you? 

My followers aren’t just followers but my friends as well. I respect them, and value them a lot. I named them Ewoks because I am obsessed with Star Wars. Ewoks are loyal, they are a tribe, and they work together as one unit to get things done. I want my stream to be like that. I want people in my stream to feel important to me. When I say "Welcome to the Ewok Squad," I am basically saying welcome to my family.

Besides, my Twitch channel, I have a variety of outlets that people can connect to me. I have Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I am working on a “Get to know me” video for YouTube. One of my Ewoks is making me a website, where people will get to know me better, and it is connectied directly to all of my social media, and stream. On the website, it will have an about me section, along with highlights from my stream, and pictures of different “challenges” I do on live on my stream! I will further talk to my Ewoks for different ideas on how they would like to better connect with me. But for starters this is good!

Special thanks to Chris for taking the time to share so much about herself. We are certain she will be partnered with Twitch soon! We hope you enjoyed reading about our "Gamer of the Month!" If you or someone you know would like to be featured here, email us!  




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