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Glomtom Expansion: Medical Liaison Added to Staff

By Clifton Chambliss
Posted in News, on April 02, 2015


The Glomtom feels right. It just feels good. For those who own a Glomtom, it has become a natural and necessary part of their gaming, holding tablets and even watching TV. One of our Twitch partners described it best when asked by a peer what she felt about her Glomtom and her response was simple: "It's life." 


There is so much more to the Glomtom than a soft place to rest your arms and hands, particularly in how it affects your posture, upper body muscles, overall comfort and mind. We understood this when we designed the Glomtom, yet at the same time wish to further explore and clarify what is happening to your body physically when you experience our ergonomic. 


It was only a matter of time before the medical community and ergonomics industry has taken notice of the Glomtom. Because of this, we are beginning to explore some initiatives and projects we hope to make public in the months to come. For now, just know this: Anthony Rendell is all over this. Anthony is our new Medical Liaison for Glomtom.


Anthony is an avid gamer, husband, father and working professional in the healthcare field of orthopedics and physical therapy. He has knowledge and access to experts and thought leaders in orthopedic surgery and medicine. His role with Glomtom will be to introduce our product, gain crucial insight and to help us navigate this area of opportunity where the Glomtom will make a huge difference in peoples' lives. 


We will have more good news about this in the future. For now please join us in welcoming Anthony to our team! 






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