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Glomtom Joins Operation Supply Drop

By Clifton Chambliss
Posted in News, on March 12, 2015


One of the highlights of the PAX cons this year are the pushup contests and ensuing fanfare at the Operation Supply Drop booth. Men and women from around the country and in some cases the world visit the booth and show off their physical prowess while visiting staff consisting of both active military and vets. It's a fun and interactive way to learn about such a great charity that gives back to those who give everything. 


Meanwhile overseas, courageous men and women face danger and adversity all over the world with very little of the comforts we experience back at home. 


Operation Supply Drop is a way to bring some of that happiness to our honorable serving men and women who are in otherwise stressful and many times dangerous and traumatic situations. It is a charity that sends care packages of video games, systems and technology out to our front lines all around the world, so that our fighting best can also have some of the great experiences as gamers we have on our protected home front. Operation Supply Drop also helps vets who return home. Some are disabled and others struggle to acclimate back into everyday life and professions stateside. 


Glomtom is honored to be a part of Operations Supply Drop in partnership, promotion and products. 


Moving forward you will start to see more joint operations between our organizations. 


For now, please join our team to help raise money for the 8bit Salute! A 24 hour game-a-thon to support our troops though Operation Supply Drop. Expect to a lot of news on this moving forward. You can join Team Glomtom to raise donations HERE.


Thank you for supporting our troops. We can't think of a better way as gamers to help our troops or a better organization to help us do so. 









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