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Glomtom Acquires Affiliate Partnerships With Major Names in Gaming

By Clifton Chambliss
Posted in News, on February 21, 2015


So much has happened since PAX South last month! We have been busier than ever, so let's skip to a major announcement. 


We are now affiliated with Astro Gaming, Gunnar Optiks, GAEMS PGE and Edge by Oregon Aero!


What does this mean? It means a few things. First, it showcases our product the Glomtom as part of an amazing portfolio of premium products for pro gamers who are serious about having the best equipment and experience while gaming. Second, it demonstrates to our visitors and customers that these companies are confident in being associated with the Glomtom brand. Finally, because of our relationships with these companies, we are sometimes able to offer discounts that are otherwise difficult to obtain. 


Let's meet our new partners!


Astro Gaming: Astro makes premium high end headphones for professional competitive gamers (The official headset of Major League Gaming) as well as PC and console gamers at home who want the most superior audio and headphone experience available for purchase. Astro uses award winning technology and is one of the fastest growing companies in the Fortune 500.


Gunnar Optiks:  Gunnar is the world's leader in protective eyewear to protect from computer vision syndrome, watery eyes, dry eyes, eye irritation and will also improve contrast. Gunnars are well made, fashionable and highly in demand by professional gamers around the world. Gunnars are also available through prescription which is an indication of demand from the medical community to help improve the the vision and comfort of gamers everywhere. 


GAEMS PGE: Seattle based GAEMS PGE (which stands for: Personal Gaming Environment) manufactures the only portable HD gaming solutions in the market today. Their Vanguard is a expertly constructed futuristic hard-shell case with a 19" HD screen, connections, straps and pad to house your console securely. You can take your console anywhere you want and play anywhere with the GAMES PGE products. We fell so much in love with ours after playing Destiny online with our PS4 in an airport


Edge by Oregon Aero:  Oregon Aero is a market leader in military grade technology for pilots in our armed forces. Due to increased market demand, they have introduced this high grade technology as a headphone modification for professional gamers which maximizes comfort of existing high end headphones like Astros. We use EDGE (which stands for Enhanced Duration Gaming Equipment) headphone mods with our Astro A50's and can never go back to stock headphone parts. 


We are honored to have these brands featured on our page. Please visit their pages to learn more about them. We now are in a position to connect you to a portfolio of the best gaming equipment available!


Please judge us by the company we keep! 


-Clif Chambliss

Founder of Glomtom












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