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Welcome our Director of Partnerships: Project Hatta

By Clifton Chambliss
Posted in News, on February 12, 2015

Glomtom has come a long way in the several months since our launch. We have a growing list of reviews, emails from around the world asking when we will expand beyond the US, partnerships with Twitch personalities, MLG players, tournament hosts, team organizations and partnerships with developers and hardware companies in which some are yet to be announced.


After exhibiting at PAX Prime, PAX South and now on our way to PAX East, it is clear that we are gaining so much momentum that we need help. The kind of help that Jeff "Pr0jecT HaTTa" can provide as our new Director of Partnerships.


The role of our Director of Partnerships is to regularly interact and build relationships between Glomtom and all of the various gamers, organizations, companies and media in the gaming universe. He will help represent and grow the Glomtom brand and will assist with some of our more ambitious projects. Finally, he will help us ensure that we can respond to all of our gamers and organizations that reach out to us. 


Pr0jecT HaTTa is the CEO of the International and multi-platform gaming community Team Pwnage. Some of you may also know him as the man formally behind Gamers Edge Eyewear sponsorship managements. His 12 years experience in sales/ marketing and background with sponsorship management makes him a good fit for Glomtom.

A gamer since his childhood he has always loved to play all types of games. Console gaming has always been his pastime to get away from the outside world. Spending hours at a time gaming, he always wants the best gaming accessories to enhance his gaming experience. As a early adapter of Glomtom he would soon learn that gaming with a Glomtom was the way to go.

We are happy to have Pr0jecT HaTTa join the Glomtom family as 'Director of Partnerships." We hope you all get to meet him as he helps to expand our community through the very best gamers around... "You!" You can reach him at 


Thanks to all of you for helping us grow!


Clif Chambliss
Founder of Glomtom






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