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Gamer of the Month January 2015: KillaKatieeee

By Clifton Chambliss
Posted in News, on January 31, 2015


Happy New year! We thought we would start off 2015 by continuing our tradition of featuring a gamer of the month. 

This month we feature KillaKatieee who is a professional Twitch streamer and growing force in the community. 
She uses pro gaming gear and has a state of the art streaming set up. Katie is very sweet but also dangerous as she takes her K/D ratio on Call of Duty very seriously.


How long have you been steaming and creating videos for youtube?

I started streaming late April 2014. I found out about Twitch and the next day I started streaming. I am working on my first videos for YouTube right now. You will find commentary, Vlogs and funny clips on my channel.

What are you playing now?

Right now my favorite games are Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Grand Theft Auto and Dying Light. 

What games or tech do you look forward to?

Dead Island 2 because the game takes place in my sunny state California! I think its a good idea to switch up games once in a while for the stream.

Which game is a guilty pleasure?

I find myself playing Minecraft when I'm not streaming. Majority of my supporters are console gamers so they don't enjoy watching me play PC games as much.

You recently signed on for a partnership with Twitch and can have subscribers. How does one get to that point?

It took me 7 months of grinding on Twitch to get partnership. I would work all day and stream all night. Literally getting a couple hours of sleep a night. My biggest suggestion is sticking to one game and going live at the same time everyday. 

What is your greatest gaming accomplishment?

I will never forget my first Kem I dropped on Call of Duty Ghost. It's a 25 kill streak without dying. I was live streaming and I always go back and watch my clip. Now I am playing Call of Duty Advanced Warefare and dropped my first DNA using my Glomtom! 

When and what got you into gaming?

I started gaming since I figured out how to work a controller. I would use all my brothers consoles to play. It's funny how things work out because now I am the one really into gaming!

Where can people go to learn more about you?

The best way to learn about me is watching my daily streams. I am very active with my chat and love getting to know everyone as well.

We want to thank Katie for taking the time to visit with us! Do you know a gamer who would like to be gamer of the month? Would you like to be featured? What other things would you like to know about our gamers? Shoot us an email:



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