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Gamer of the Month November 2014

By Clifton Chambliss
Posted in News, on November 26, 2014

While the Glomtom provides ergonomic support and general feelings of amazing comfort to users of tablets, books or even laptops, our hearts and passion at Glomtom are for gamers. After all, the Glomtom was invented by a gamer for gamers first and foremost!

With this in mind, we have decided to dedicate a monthly article to honor a gamer of the month that is part of our community. Who is our community? It is anyone who has a Glomtom, wants a Glomtom, likes Glomtom or supports Glomtom in any way such as talking to us or about us on social media or those who partner up with Glomtom though our affiliate program. In other words, our community is you! 

For the month of November, we honor Youtube and Twitch professional Squiiddish




Tell us about yourself: 

I'm Squiiddish, streamer of pretty much everything.


How long have you been steaming and creating videos for youtube?


I've been doing stream/video content for somewhere around 3 years now, probably a bit longer at this point.


What are you playing now?


Dragon Age: Inquisition and Heroes of the Storm are my current favorites.


What games or tech do you look forward to?


Overwatch! I just want to play Overwatch. Tried it at BlizzCon, may literally never play anything else ever again.
Which game is a guilty pleasure?


World of Warcraft right now for sure, if I'm not streaming, I'm probably on WoW
Do you game full time? How does one get to that point?


I do. It took quite a few years of slowly building up a following, originally on YouTube but now almost exclusively on Twitch. It honestly just takes a lot of patience and dedication, nobody starts big. You start by spending a LOT of time just making videos and doing streams because you enjoy it before you ever start to think about going full-time.
What is your greatest gaming accomplishment?


Definitely downing Arthas in Wrath of the Lich King. Something about WoW raids really gives you a sense of accomplishment like nothing else in gaming.


Tell us about Squiiddish, how did you come up with your identity? 


The name came from a 5th grade project. We were learning the basics of just doing a "research" type project, citing sources and all that, and had to pick an animal. My 5th grade self decided that squids were the dumbest, most boring animal in the world to pick (somehow), so I did my project on squids.


Where can people go to learn more about you?


You can check out my Twitch channel Monday through Friday from 4PM-12AM EST, I'll be there!


Special thanks to Squiiddish for allowing us to interview him. Would you or someone you know like to be a "Gamer of the Month" on Glomtom? Send us an email at with the subject: Gamer of the Month. 



















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