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Glomtom Holiday Orders Have Begun! Get Your Gamer an Amazing Gift!

By Clifton Chambliss
Posted in News, on November 24, 2014


Holiday shopping has begun this year and loved ones of gamers everywhere are looking for a great gift to get the gamer who already has it all: latest fall releases, current game systems, state of the art TV's and headphones etc. Why not get them something new and entirely different? The Glomtom is a unique concept as it is the only ergonomic product designed to make playing video games feel awesome! Your gamer will delight in something that will become a staple in their daily gaming experience all year! Orders are coming in already and our stock for 2014 is dwindling! 


When you order a Glomtom, our warehouse processes the order within hours and a link to track your shipping and delivery is emailed to you for your peace of mind. Be sure to plan for up to a week for Fed Ex to ship a Glomtom to anywhere in the USA. Of course rush shipping options are available too! 


Finally, read a few of our reviews from our new reviews page below. There is a growing consensus that the Glomtom is is awesome!


"If you Play enough video games, this is going to become something that you just get naturally used to using all the time, the same way a lot of us got used to using headphones instead of using just get this normal comfortable feeling of using a product like this over time."-RerezTV


"A week is all it took, in one short week I utilized the Glom Tom in my regular gaming and in one week I realized what I was missing this whole time." Glomtom Level Up Your Gaming/Lifted Geek 


"I suppose the biggest question is: does it make a difference? The answer is a resounding yes. For such a rudimentary device, you might think the benefits would be minimal but some of the best ideas are also the simplest. Using a Glomtom makes playing video games on a couch or armchair ridiculously comfortable."-Review: Glomtom / Big Red Barrel 


"I can honestly say I’ll be using this particular gaming accessory for years. I’m not usually one for specialty items like this but the GlomTom truly makes playing games more comfortable for me"- Product Review Glomtom/The Mommy Gamers 


"I have always found myself in various sitting positions trying to find something comfortable for my daily gaming, a way to reduce the strain and pain in my right arm. The GlomTom does just that, by angling my arms up just 15 degrees, it takes away the pressure that runs down my arm when it’s “hanging down” and lifts my arm up to a comfortable height."-Glomtom Product Review/Optimus Reports 






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