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Glomtom is Partnering with Competitive Gamers and Clans

By Clifton Chambliss
Posted in News, on September 16, 2014

Video games have always been about fun. However, in the last several years, competitive gaming known as E-sports have begun to surface and even rival some spectator sports in audience, venue and sponsorships. Major arenas fill with fans who cheer on while watching large screens, gamers make professional wages and profits and companies like Red Bull and Coca-Cola line up for sponsorships. 


The Competitions are not just in the arenas. Many tournaments take place online while participants play from the comfort of their own couches. Groups of high school, college and working professional peers from around the world join up to become some of the best teams in competitive video gaming today. 


Because of its ergonomic design and feel, the Glomtom is perfectly suited to improve both comfort and performance for power gamers who spend just as much time practicing games as competing in them. Because of the superior comfort that Glomtom provides, gamers can now concentrate on the match and honing their skills instead of fighting for better posture or position during long sessions of gaming.  We met many of these gamers both at PAX and online. There is a clear demand from these gamers for the Glomtom. Because of this, we are happy to announce a partnership with several clans and organizations. Listed below are just a few. has a mission statement that says it all: "Hubtag provides professional class events for gamers and serves as the platform for teams and groups of friends to stay connected. Committed to making organized play for gamers more engaging to watch, and easier to take part in, we strive to unite the gaming community at large." Glomtom will be involved with tournaments and events by providing incentives to both participants, audience and community. 



Team iAM is part of the Lucky Strike Clan, which consists of top world ranked Destiny players, personalities and Sony Playstation MVP's. Many of them will be using Glomtoms as they practice and compete in their live steams. Glomtom has also partnered with iAM as an affiliate to share in promotion and profits of the Glomtom brand. 



Team Wired is a competitive gaming clan with elite gamers from around the US. They work closely with And also consist of popular Youtube and Twitch personalities with large followings. Glomtom has furnished this team with Glomtom products as well as a partnership in our affiliate program to share in promotion and profits. 

Order a Glomtom today to improve your comfort and performance as a gamer. Our community is growing and we'd love to have you.

If you are part of a competitive gaming clan, why not begin a partnership with Glomtom by becoming one of our affiliates? It is quick, easy and FREE to sign up. All sales that are directed from your team result in a 10% payout! You can sign up HERE


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