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Reflections on the Glomtom Debut at PAX Prime 2014.

By Clifton Chambliss
Posted in News, on September 03, 2014

PAX Prime 2014 is now over. I begin to take down our booth as the exhibit hall evolves from a sea of attendees, to a flurry of forklifts and finally to an erie calm as exhibiters quietly pack up their merchandise in boxes to ship and wrap up countless cables from myriad electronics that gamers expect to see every time they visit PAX.

As I push our little cart out, I feel a sense of accomplishment and a certain buzz or afterglow after being in a constant state of activity for the last four days. While I have been working behind the scenes at Glomtom for almost a year and a half now, it just did not seem real until now as we spoke to hundreds of gamers, developers and media over the course of our four day exhibit. PAX made Glomtom real to both us and all who attended. This is a new and incredible feeling. 

We listened to feedback from everyone: gamers, console gamers, PC gamers, parents, developers, full time streamers on Twitch TV, testers and media. The amount of feedback we got was overwhelmingly positive. People loved the Glomtom!  Among the things we heard:

  • "Why did I not think of this!?" 
  • "This is so simple, yet so genius!"
  • "I never knew I wanted this!"
  • "This feels great!." 

At the same time, the feedback provided us direction for different market opportunities for the Glomtom as well as ideas for future product extensions. These are the people that Glomtom made the most impact on:

  • Console and 3DS Gamers. They loved the Glomtom for perfect positioning of their hands on the Glomtom while PC gamers asked many questions about how to position a keyboard and mouse on the Glomtom.
  • Developers and Quality Testers: Industry professionals spend ten hours a day testing games with a controller and were very excited about using the Glomtom to exponentially increase their comfort in the workplace.
  • Streamers and full time gamers for Twitch and Youtube: They game for eight hours a day at home live over the internet and like the developers, are very excited about increasing their comfort with the ergonomics of the Glomtom. 
  • E-sports and gamer competition: Players were excited as they spend much time practicing on improving their game and love the enhanced comfort using the Glomtom, resulting in fewer distractions while competing. 

    We are delighted by this feedback and expect to see the Glomtom being used both personally and professionally by many different people. We made many industry connections and are beginning to foster these relationships. Buzz on the internet about Glomtom is starting to grow and we expect articles and discussion in the days to come as gamers explore this new concept of using an ergonomic pad while they game. 

    The future looks strong at Glomtom and being at PAX confirmed with both us and the industry that the Glomtom is a unique and wonderful product. Thanks to all of you who believed in us! We can't wait to see what the next few months have in store for the Glomtom brand! 

    -Clif Chambliss Founder of Glomtom 


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