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A Tale of Two Reviews: Glomtom

By Clifton Chambliss
Posted in News, on August 18, 2014

As we round the corner of our first week in business, every little thing matters to us here at Glomtom. Every call we take, message we receive or friend we make is like pure delight that we treasure only to be left wanting more. It is hard to imagine that this will ever change. Glomtom is an outpouring from our passion as gamers to bring something special out to the world that can make such an enormous difference in gamers' lives. And we love our community of gamers. We don't ever want to take the small things for granted. 

Our first official review came from an up and coming website called LiftedGeek. They got their hands on one of our prototype Glomtoms and you can review their full review here

Here are some lines that stuck out to us:

"I realized what I was missing this whole time," 

"you’ve got to try it to believe it."

"glomtom is a must have."

This review really helped us with our successful Kickstarter and is a great feature piece for our front page.

Today we received word of another review written by a backer on our Kickstarter who had some time with his own purchased Glomtom. His review is posted on the UK gamer site BigRedBarrel

Here are some of his thoughts:

"does it make a difference? The answer is a resounding yes."

"The sense of unease you get when the Glomtom is removed is not artificial – there is a genuine discomfort felt when you are not using it. It is reminiscent to those times you leave your phone behind – you immediately feel, for want of a better term, naked."

"The Glomtom is a clever device that solves a problem you probably did not know you had."

The common theme here is this: You have to physically use a Glomtom in order to understand exactly how it feels to know what you have been missing. After all, 2 out of 2 reviewers agree: The Glomtom changes how you game forever. Order yours today. 



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