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The ultimate ergonomic support for an enhanced gaming experience. Once you try it, you'll never want to go back.


    "When you consider the sheer amount of hours you spend with your console controller, tablet or book and the huge difference you'll feel using the Glomtom, we think it's absolutely worth it."  

    -David Leavitt, via the 


    "Gaming health is important to me...this is why I support Glomtom...They make a product that works...Glomtom is absolutely amazing, it is a must have for your gaming collection." 

    -OptimisticDingo MLG player for Pro team "Set To Destroy X." via Youtube Review 

  • "OMG I love my Glomtom. Today is the first day that I haven't had back pain after streaming in two months. <3

    -Pro Twitch Streamer Tactical Pinup via Twitter 


    "I didn't use my @GlomTom for a few games today and my neck hurt like hell. Never doing that again.."

    -Rick "BigSnackks" Owner of Pro MLG Team "Justus" via Twitter

    "Using my Glomtom has changed my mind on how I sit and play video games. So much more comfortable!"

    -Justin Saboo Pro Halo Coach of Denial Esports



    "Oh my God Dude....Oh...Oh...That's Nice!" 

    -Live Twitch Unboxing by MuddyUnders
  • "This thing is legit..this thing is awesome..dude this thing is AWESOME!"

     Anthony from Strength Gamer Live Unboxing on Twitch

  • "It's insanely comfortable.."

    - BereghostGames Youtube

  • "..if I’m sitting up or gaming on my office chair, then popping the Glomtom around me does indeed relieve a lot of strain on my neck and shoulders..."

    -Tony Hsieh The Slanted

  • "Steve and I took the GlomTom for a test drive at PAX South and we both had the same reaction – MUST HAVE."


  • "I’d definitely say the GlomTom was MUCH more comfortable than my usual makeshift support made of pillows/blankets...It’s one of those things where you don’t know you’ve been missing until you actually have one for yourself."

    - BlondeNerd from


    "I used to think @GlomTom's gaming cushions were silly, but now @chrispyha and I fight over who gets to use it."

    -Dan "Shoe" Hsu via Twitter Former EGM, 1UP, BitMob


    "I stopped using the Glomtom halfway through a session, and the difference was so shocking I had to steal it back from the wife right away..."

    Review: Glomtom Ergonomic Pad for gamers/Reviews,Chews and How-to's


    "That is (explicative) decent dude!!"

    - Mega64 Video Podcast Unboxing The Glomtom


    "I can honestly say I’ll be using this particular gaming accessory for years. I’m not usually one for specialty items like this but the GlomTom truly makes playing games more comfortable for me"

    - Product Review: Glomtom/The Mommy Gamers

  • "I suppose the biggest question is: does it make a difference? The answer is a resounding yes. For such a rudimentary device, you might think the benefits would be minimal but some of the best ideas are also the simplest. Using a Glomtom makes playing video games on a couch or armchair ridiculously comfortable."

    -Review: Glomtom / Big Red Barrel

  • "A week is all it took, in one short week I utilized the Glomtom in my regular gaming and in one week I realized what I was missing this whole time."

    -Glomtom Level Up Your Gaming/Lifted Geek

  • "I am looking forward to my extended gaming sessions!"

    -9mm Preacher/Geeks Under Grace Video Review


    "I Tried it out for a week and I was amazed..."

    -8-bit Eric


    "If you Play enough video games, this is going to become something that you just get naturally used to using all the time, the same way a lot of us got used to using headphones instead of using just get this normal comfortable feeling of using a product like this over time."



    "It's unbelievable how good it feels......and how right it feels."

    -Machinima Partner- The Yordles

  • "I have always found myself in various sitting positions trying to find something comfortable for my daily gaming, a way to reduce the strain and pain in my right arm. The GlomTom does just that, by angling my arms up just 15 degrees, it takes away the pressure that runs down my arm when it’s “hanging down” and lifts my arm up to a comfortable height."

    -Glomtom Product Review: Optimus Reports

Made for Humans

Something wonderful and sensational happens to your body and mind when your arms are bolstered at a 15 degree incline.

  • Tension and stress in your neck, shoulders and back are relieved.
  • The blood flow in your hands and arms returns to your core.
  • You feel more relaxed, focused and your mind is quiet.
  • You can focus on your game instead of your posture.

The Glomtom consists of supportive yet soft foam completely covered by delicate microfiber which feels warm and comfortable to your skin, yet easy to clean and maintain. The GlomTom is robust enough to keep its shape and support your upper body, yet will provide the same quality of comfort day after day of use. The Glomtom is also well suited for providing amazing comfort while using tablets, laptops and reading books!

GlomTom Zipper pouch

Conveniently store your game controller between gaming sessions or keep your smart phone in there for easy access to check your social media. The Glomtom zipper pouch is made from durable reinforced canvas and styrene materials for rugged durability and smooth aesthetics.

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